"Some people come into our lives and quickly go; Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same...Flavia Weedn"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Senario Perkahwinan

Cerita 1
Awal Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Jom kita pergi 'shopping'"
Suami: "Jom...dari duduk di rumah, bosan pulak.."
Pertengahan Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Jom kita pergi 'shopping'"
Suami: "Abang ada hal lain kali yek.."
Penghujung Perkahwinan
Isteri: "Jom kita pergi 'shopping'"
Suami: "Abang penat laaa....Ayang pergi sendiri la...."

Cerita 2
Awal Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Ayang mengandung"
Suami: "Abang tak sabar nak lihat anak kita.."
Pertengahan Perkahwinan
Isteri: "Abang tolong buat susu anak..."
Suami: "Abang mengantuk la...Ayang buat la..."
Penghujung Perkahwinan
Isteri: "Cuba awak tegur anak tu sikit..."
Suami: "Haiii...anak awak...awak ajelah yang tegur..."

Cerita 3
Awal Perkahwinan
Isteri: "Sempena hari jadi saya, abang nak hadiahkan apa?"
Suami: "Apa yang ayang inginkan.."
Pertengahan Perkahwinan
Isteri: "Sempena hari jadi saya, abang nak hadiahkan apa?"
Suami: "Setiap tahun saya berikan...tak cukup lagi ke?"
Penghujung Perkahwinan
Isteri: "Sempena hari jadi saya, abang nak hadiahkan apa?"
Suami: "Tak payah le hadiah-hadiah..."

Cerita 4
Awal Perkahwinan
Isteri:" Hari ini kita makan di kedai ye..."
Suami:" problem.."
Pertengahan Perkahwinan
Isteri:" Hari ini kita makan di kedai ye..."
Suami:"Awak tak boleh masak ke?"
Penghujung Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Hari ini kita makan di kedai ye..."
Suami: " Lebih baik kawin lain yang boleh masak untuk abang"

Cerita 5
Awal Perkahwinan
Isteri:" Ayang masak, Abang kemas rumah ye..."
Suami:" problem.."
Pertengahan Perkahwinan
Isteri:" Ayang masak, Abang kemas rumah ye..."
Suami:" Saya penat, awak jelah yang buat.."
Penghujung Perkahwinan
Isteri:" Ayang masak, Abang kemas rumah ye..."
Suami: " Awak tak boleh buat kee.."

Cerita 6
Awal Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Ayang tak pandai masak.."
Suami:" problem.."
Pertengahan Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Ayang tak pandai buat rendang"
Suami:" Awak ni pemalas la...
Penghujung Perkahwinan
Isteri: " Ayang tak pandai buat kek.."
Suami: "Mok ko tu...dari dulu tak pandai masakkk..."

** Renung-renungkan la...kadangkala penceraian berlaku bukan disebabkan hal yang besar..tapi disebabkan oleh hal yang kecil yang sering berlaku secara berulang-ulang yang menimbulkan rasa bosan kepada setiap pasangan... Tak kan disebabkan hal yang kecil pun nak berpisah kot? ..tapi itu tiada yang mustahil apabila fikiran dh tak waras kan ??? Apa-apa pun janganlah jadikan ia sebagai alasan untuk berpisah, sebaliknya ingat-ingatlah kebaikan yang pernah dilakukan oleh pasangan agar perhubungan kekal bahagia...( n,n )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Say It Isn't So

Skies are dark it's time for rain
Final call you board the train
Heading for tomorrow
I wave goodbye to yesterdays
Wipe the tears you hide your face
Blinded by the sorrow

How can I be smiling like before
When baby, you don't love me anymore

Say it isn't so
Tell me you're not leaving
Say you changed your mind now
That I am only dreaming
That this is not goodbye
This is starting over
If you wanna know
I don't wanna let go
So say it isn't so

Ten to five atleast we tried
We're still alive but hope just died
As they close the door behind you
Whistle blows and tons of steel
Shake the ground beneath the wheels
As I wish I never found you

How can I be smiling when you're gone
Will I be strong enough to carry on

Miles and miles to go before I can say,
Before I can lay my love for you to sleep
Oh, darling oh
I got miles and miles to go
Before anyone will ever hear
Me laugh again

My Love Story

Do you know about love??? Sometimes it’s so hard, but sometimes it so nice and I really like this feeling. Your heart will beat faster when you saw someone you love...

Actually, I also have someone who I love....I really love him.... Firstly I’m not sure whether I’m really love him or not, but after lose him, I really sure I can’t life without him. That why, I want to remind you, if you love someone please make sure you keep it until the end. Please do not do a stupid thing like what I’ve done. It will make your regret whole in your life. Sometime, we try to be the best couple in this world but, we still don’t know what was happening in our future.

When I in Upper 6 (High school)...I’ve offer from Kolej Tun Datu Haji Bujang to futher my study's. I've to go with my friend because my parents can’t come with me...that was really sad time, but I already know to live independence. That so hard because my result in science side not so well, so I need to transfer to other school was offer an art. Then I've to transfer to school in Bintulu area. Bintulu is my towns and I love it. 

The word I always remember is “Sekolah pun mahu di Bintulu jugak, nanti kawin dengan orang Bintulu jugak” my teacher's said. In that time my friend and i just laughing heard that word. I really don’t think I’ll fall in love with someone who lives at Bintulu. Because I know, one day I will go out from Bintulu. And that true, now I’m not at Bintulu...but at Perak, Peninsular Malaysia. See...I’ll be there!!

I don’t know, the first time at my new school was changing my life in future....sadness or happiness?? Still don't know...
The story was begun 5 year ago...I’ve fall in love with someone whom said he love me.

He make a promise, what was happen he will be there stay with me....but now it’s over... should play the song by Gerath Gates ?? Say it isn’t so.... My beloved give me this song and hope that will be better in our future' say it isn’t so. Yeah...sometime I always hope nothing was happen and until the end, we will live happily ever after.

My request is it so hard?? I always hope I’ll be at your side until the end. But now I’ll change my minds. It so much better if I love you although I don't live with you because one day you see me and will say “That She, whom loves me so much”. I’m so proud if you know about that...

Although you leave me alone, and find a new love...I always hope you always happy with your life. There is no reason I hate you because I love you more then I love myself. That sound so funny right??? That who I am...haha

I’m crazy because I love you...
If you hate me, you can shoot me, please make sure you don’t shoot my heart's because that yours inside. So many things were happen in these 5 years, so many until I also can’t remind it one by one...but I still remember that. Our love was beginning at 19, 08.05...and 19 mean 15 + 4 (that is our birthday). I always hope we will get married at 19...December because we were born in this month. So funny I’m...

Our far so good, but our happy days can't stay until the end...So many trouble was happen one by one, we can’t handle that problem and that make our choose to break up. It’s really no way for us to settle this problem?? I already choose you and no matter what was happen I will forgive you because I’m also not a perfect one. But you choose to go.....

That really make me sad, I was cried and cried because I don’t let you go. I know that is my faults, and I’m so make you in trouble. 

In the future...I really don’t know what was happen, still blurring and I thought you so happy with your new life. If you happy with her, so why should I ask you to stay with me?? Because the important thing is your happiness is my happiness.
Still loving you...

Friday, September 17, 2010


In March this year I attended a course in Johannesburg, South Africa. After two weeks it was time for me to go back home (Namibia). Even though I woke up early and took a taxi to the airport I still missed my flight, and I automatically missed my connecting flight from the capital city Windhoek to my home town of Oranjemund. Thus I had to spend the night in Windhoek to catch the next flight out.  Within hours of landing in Windhoek my Mother phoned me and said my niece was critically ill with malaria and they had been rushed to the State hospital in Windhoek. It was then that I understood why I had missed my flight. We prayed for my niece and to the Doctors disbelief as her case of malaria was very severe and caught late, today she is as healthy, playful and chirpy as any 5 year old.


This is my miracle story. Last year my grandmother who took care of me my whole life became really ill. I was called by my sister who asked me to ride with her to see our grandmother and say good-bye. When arriving at the hospital we were greeted by our whole family. Everyone sobbing saying this was it grandma was leaving us. My grandmother is 86 years old so it wasn't a huge shock to my husband that she would be ready to die. I did not feel like she nor I were ready. I went in to see her and I sobbed. She grabbed my hand and said she loved me and that she would be fine. She was put on a breathing machine that night and signed off support two days later. She got better and did not die like everyone thought. I knew she was going to be fine. I was the only one who knew. We had a 4th of July party this weekend and she was there to eat and laugh with us. My grandmother and I have a wonderful bond along with my sister. I will know when she is ready to go I know she will make sure I am ready. That is my miracle.

Mikano Akagi

Mikano Akagi
I thought it’s really nice name right?? Maybe you also agreed with me... Is it Japanese name? that right... I’m Japanese? No, I’m not....But I’m really like Japan so much. Japan is our dream when we still in love. We wish go to Japan and live there for a while, make some memory there and be happy with our life...

Mikano, actually the name of heroin in Japanese film (Hana Yori Dango). I like that girl and the very important is, someone I loved already read that story. He know that story before me knoe it huhu...for me, it’s so awesome haha.... In the end, Mikano stay alive with her beloved Domyuji... That story is so nice..I've suggest you all to watch that film if you never seen it hehe.....

Akagi...the real name is Madori Akagi, she is a heroin of Japanese games May Sky...she worked at Shinto temple and always playing a piano. That music was interact Haruki Mizoguchi, 22 year old, there story was begin....until them fall in love to each other. But then that guy goes to other city for his work... in the end....they can meet again or not?? Lets guess?? Of course yes, because there is truly love. No matter what you was separated, if you love each the end, you will be meet again and live happily ever after. My beloved really like that game so much and he has told to me about that story, and I've played that game.

Then him suggests putting Madori Akagi as my name at Facebook... But I've to choose Mikano Akagi as a name because both of that girl have a great story love. And I’ll hope my love story will be ending like them-Happy Ending.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010









One day, a poor boy was selling clothing door to door, to pay for his education realized that he only had ten cents left in his pockets. He was hungry and so decided to ask for some food at the next house that he came to.

 In the meantime he lost his hunger when a beautiful young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal, he asked her for a glass of water.
 She saw that he was very hungry so instead brought him a huge glass of milk. He drank it very slowly and then asked

 Poor Boy:  How much do I owe you? 

Beautiful Young Woman:  You do not owe me anything at all, my mother taught us never to accept anything for doing someone a kindness. 

Poor Boy:  Then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When Howard Kelly left the house, as well as feeling stronger physically, he sensed a return of his faith in the lord which he had nearly abandoned
Years later, this same young woman fell gravely ill. The local doctors were mystified, so they sent her to the big city where they knew that the specialists would be able to diagnose this rare sickness. Doctor Howard Kelly was called as a consultant. When he heard the name of the city where she lived, a memory burned brightly in his eyes.

 He got up and went to her room. As he entered her room, he immediately recognized her. He returned to the consultation room, determined to do his best to save her life. From that day on, he paid special attention to this case. After a long battle, the war was finally won.

Doctor Kelly left instructions that the bill should be sent to him for authorization. He looked it over, wrote something in the margin, and sent it to her room. Something caught her attention in the margin of the invoice.
She read these words: Paid in full with a glass of milk: Doctor Howard Kelly.
 Tears of joy filled her eyes and her heart. 

 She prayed: Thank you lord, for your love has crossed the hands and hearts of man .
 There is a saying that goes like this: Bread thrown over the water returns to you.
 An act of goodness that you do today can come back to you or someone that you love, when you are not expecting it. If you do not see this act of goodness returned, at least you will have made a difference in this world. And in the end, isn’t that what life is all about? 

The Blessing of Thorns

Sandra felt as low as the heels of her shoes as she pushed against a November gust and the florist shop door. Her life had been easy, like a spring breeze. Then in the fourth month of her second pregnancy, a minor automobile accident stole her ease.
During this Thanksgiving week she would have delivered a son. She grieved over her loss. As if that weren't enough, her husband's company threatened a transfer. Then her sister, whose annual holiday visit she coveted, called saying she could not come.
What's worse, Sandra's friend infuriated her by suggesting her grief was a God-given path to maturity that would allow her to empathize with others who suffer. "She has no idea what I'm feeling," thought Sandra with a shudder.
 "Thanks giving? Thankful for what?" she wondered aloud. For a careless driver whose truck was hardly scratched when he rear- ended her? For an airbag that saved her life but took that of her child?
 "Good afternoon, can I help you?"
 The shop clerk's approach startled her.
 "I....I need an arrangement, "stammered Sandra.”For Thanks giving?
 Do you want beautiful but ordinary, or would you like to challenge the day with a customer favourite I call the Thanksgiving Special?" asked the shop clerk.
 "I'm convinced that flowers tell stories," she continued.
 "Are you looking for something that conveys 'gratitude' this Thanksgiving?
 "Not exactly!" Sandra blurted out. "In the last five months, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.” Sandra regretted her outburst, and was surprised when the shop clerk said, "I have the perfect arrangement for you."
 Then the door's small bell rang, and the shop clerk said, "Hi Barbara...let me get your order." She politely excused herself and walked toward a small workroom, then quickly reappeared, carrying an arrangement of greenery, bows, and long-stemmed thorny roses.
 Except the ends of the rose stems were neatly snipped...there were no flowers.
 "Want this in a box?" asked the clerk.
 Sandra watched for the customer's response. Was this a joke? Who would want rose stems with no flowers!?! She waited for laughter, but neither woman laughed. "Yes, please," Barbara replied with an appreciative smile.
 "You'd think after three years of getting the special, I wouldn't be so moved by its significance, but I can feel it right here, all over again," she said as she gently tapped her chest.
 "Uhh," stammered Sandra, "that lady just left with, uhh... she just left with no flowers!"
 "Right...I cut off the flowers. That's the Special... I call it the Thanksgiving Thorns Bouquet.
 "Oh, come on, you can't tell me someone is willing to pay for that?" exclaimed Sandra.
 "Barbara came into the shop three years ago feeling very much like you feels today," explained the clerk. "She thought she had very little to be thankful for. She had lost her father to cancer, the family business was failing, her son was into drugs, and she was facing major surgery."
 "That same year I had lost my husband, "continued the clerk," and for the first time in my life, I had to spend the holidays alone. I had no children, no husband, no family nearby, and too great a debt to allow any travel.
 "So what did you do?" asked Sandra. "I learned to be thankful for thorns," answered the clerk quietly. "I've always thanked God for good things in life and never thought to ask Him why those good things happened to me, but when bad stuff hit, did I ever ask! It took time for me to learn that dark times are important.

I always enjoyed the 'flowers' of life, but it took thorns to show me the beauty of God's comfort. You know, the Bible says that God comforts us when we're afflicted, and from His consolation we learn to comfort others.
 "Sandra sucked in her breath as she thought about the very thing her friend had tried to tell her.”I guess the truth is I don't want comfort.
 I've lost a baby and I'm angry with God."
 Just then someone else walked in the shop.
 "Hey, Phil!" shouted the clerk to the balding, rotund man.
 "My wife sent me in to get our usual Thanksgiving arrangement ....twelve thorny, long-stemmed stems!" laughed Phil as the clerk handed him a tissue-wrapped arrangement from the refrigerator.
 "Those are for your wife?" asked Sandra incredulously. "Do you mind me asking why she wants something that looks like that?
 "No...I'm glad you asked," Phil replied. "Four years ago my wife and I nearly divorced. After forty years, we were in a real mess, but with the Lord's grace and guidance, we slogged through problem after problem.
 He rescued our marriage. Jenny here (the clerk) told me she kept a vase of rose stems to remind her of what she learned from "thorny" times, and that was good enough for me. I took home some of those stems. My wife and I decided to label each one for a specific "problem" and give thanks to Him for what that problem taught us."
 As Phil paid the clerk, he said to Sandra, "I highly recommend the Special!"
 "I don't know if I can be thankful for the thorns in my life." Sandra said to the clerk. "It's all too... fresh."
 "Well," the clerk replied carefully, "my experience has shown me that thorns make roses more precious. We treasure God's providential care more during trouble than at any other time.
 Remember, it was a crown of thorns that Jesus wore so we might know His love. Don't resent the thorns."
 Tears rolled down Sandra's cheeks. For the first time since the accident, she loosened her grip on resentment. "I'll take those twelve long-stemmed thorns, please," she managed to choke out.
 "I hoped you would," said the clerk gently. "I'll have them ready in a minute."
 "Thank you. What do I owe you?" asked Sandra.
 "Nothing." said the clerk.
 "Nothing but a promise to allow God to heal your heart. The first year's arrangement is always on me. "The clerk smiled and handed a card to Sandra.
 "I'll attach this card to your arrangement, but maybe you'd like to read it first."
 It read:
 "Dear God, I have never thanked you for my thorns. I have thanked you a thousand times for my roses, but never once for my thorns. Teach me the glory of the cross I bear; teach me the value of my thorns. Show me that I have climbed closer to you along the path of pain.
 Show me that, through my tears, the colours of your rainbow look much more brilliant....


Ada seorang anak laki-laki yang bercita-cita bahwa Suatu hari nanti ia akan menjadi jenderal Angkatan Darat. Anak itu pandai dan memiliki ciri-ciri yang lebih daripada cukup untuk dapat membawa nya kemanapun ia mau. Untuk itu ia bersyukur kepada Tuhan, oleh karena ia adalah seorang anak yang takut akan Tuhan dan ia selalu berdoa agar supaya suatu hari nanti impiannya itu akan menjadi kenyataan.
Sayang sekali, ketika saatnya tiba baginya untuk bergabung dengan Angkatan Darat, ia ditolak oleh karena memiliki telapak kaki rata. Setelah berulang kali berusaha, ia kemudian melepaskan hasratnya untuk menjadi jenderal dan untuk hal itu ia mempersalahkan Tuhan yang tidak menjawab doanya. Ia merasa seperti berada seorang diri, dengan perasaan yang kalah, dan di atas segalanya, rasa amarah yang belum pernah dialaminya sebelumnya.

Amarah yang mulai ditujukannya terhadap Tuhan. Ia tahu bahwa Tuhan ada, namun tidak mempercayaiNya lagi sebagai seorang sahabat, tetapi sebagai seorang tiran (penguasa yang lalim). Ia tidak pernah lagi berdoa atau melangkahkan kakinya ke dalam gereja. Ketika orang-orang seperti biasanya berbicara tentang Tuhan yang Maha Pengasih, maka ia akan mengejek dan menanyakan pertanyaan-pertanya an rumit yang akan membuat orang-orang percaya itu kebingungan.

Ia kemudian memutuskan untuk masuk perguruan tinggi dan menjadi dokter. Dan begitulah, ia menjadi dokter dan beberapa tahun kemudian menjadi seorang ahli bedah yang handal. Ia menjadi pelopor di dalam pembedahan yang berisiko tinggi dimana pasien tidak memiliki kemungkinan hidup lagi apabila tidak ditangani oleh ahli bedah muda ini. Sekarang, semua pasiennya memiliki kesempatan, suatu hidup yang baru.

Selama bertahun-tahun, ia telah menyelamatkan beribu-ribu jiwa, baik anak-anak maupun orang dewasa. Para orang tua sekarang dapat tinggal dengan berbahagia bersama dengan putra atau putri mereka yang dilahirkan kembali, dan para ibu yang sakit parah sekarang masih dapat mengasihi keluarganya. Para ayah yang hancur hati oleh karena tak seorangpun yang dapat memelihara keluarganya setelah kematiannya, telah diberikan kesempatan baru.

Setelah ia menjadi lebih tua maka ia melatih para ahli bedah lain yang bercita-cita tinggi dengan tekhnik bedah barunya, dan lebih banyak lagi jiwa yang diselamatkan. Pada suatu hari ia menutup matanya dan pergi menjumpai Tuhan. Di situ, masih penuh dengan kebencian, pria itu bertanya kepada Tuhan mengapa doa-doanya tidak pernah dijawab, dan Tuhan berkata, "Pandanglah ke langit, anakKu, dan lihatlah impianmu menjadi kenyataan."

Di sana, ia dapat melihat dirinya sendiri sebagai seorang anak laki-laki yang berdoa untuk bisa menjadi seorang prajurit. Ia melihat dirinya masuk Angkatan Darat dan menjadi prajurit. Di sana ia sombong dan ambisius, dengan pandangan mata yang seakan-akan berkata bahwa suatu hari nanti ia akan memimpin sebuah resimen. Ia kemudian dipanggil untuk mengikuti peperangannya yang pertama, akan tetapi ketika ia berada di kamp di garis depan, sebuah bom jatuh dan membunuhnya. Ia dimasukkan ke dalam peti kayu untuk dikirimkan kembali kepada keluarganya. Semua ambisinya kini hancur berkeping-keping saat orang tuanya menangis dan terus menangis.
 Lalu Tuhan berkata, "Sekarang lihatlah bagaimana rencanaKu telah terpenuhi sekalipun engkau tidak setuju." Sekali lagi ia memandang ke langit. Di sana ia memperhatikan kehidupannya, hari demi hari dan berapa banyak jiwa yang telah diselamatkannya. Ia melihat senyum di wajah pasiennya dan di wajah anggota keluarganya dan kehidupan baru yang telah diberikannya kepada mereka dengan menjadi seorang ahli bedah.
 Kemudian di antara para pasiennya, ia melihat seorang anak laki-laki yang juga memiliki impian untuk menjadi seorang prajurit kelak, namun sayangnya dia terbaring sakit. Ia melihat bagaimana ia telah menyelamatkan nyawa anak laki-laki itu melalui pembedahan yang dilakukannya. Hari ini anak laki-laki itu telah dewasa dan menjadi seorang jenderal. Ia hanya dapat menjadi jenderal setelah ahli bedah itu menyelamatkan nyawanya.
Sampai di situ, Ia tahu bahwa Tuhan ternyata selalu berada bersama dengannya. Ia mengerti bagaimana Tuhan telah memakainya sebagai alatNya untuk menyelamatkan beribu-ribu jiwa, dan memberikan masa depan kepada anak laki-laki yang ingin menjadi prajurit itu. (Diambil dari Inspirational Christian Stories oleh Vincent Magro-Attard)
 Untuk dapat melihat kehendak Tuhan digenapkan di dalam hidup anda, anda harus mengikuti Tuhan dan bukan mengharapkan Tuhan yang mengikuti anda.
 "Ia membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya.... " (Pengkotbah 3:11)
 Apa yang kau alami kini, mungkin tak dapat engkau mengerti, Satu hal tanamkan di hati, indah semua yang Tuhan beri. Tuhan-mu, tak akan memberi ular beracun pada yang minta roti, Cobaan yang engkau alami takkan melebihi kekuatanmu.
 ~~Seringkali sikap kita seperti anak kecil ini, punya hasrat yang terlalu tinggi dalam hidup ini hingga terkadang kita mylhkn Tuhan bila semuanya tidak kita miliki...tapi tidak kita sedari disebalik semuanya Dia ada menyediakan rencana yang jauh lebih indah bagi kita....baca firman-Nya (Yeremia 29:11)~~ Tuhan Yesus mengasihi kita, sebab itu Dia memberikan dan menyediakan rencana yang terindah dalam hidup kita~~


Mungkin banyak yang mendengar lagu Sentuh Hatiku, yang dinyanyikan oleh Maria Shandy. Akan tetapi di balik lagu itu ternyata ada sebuah kisah yang luar biasa.

Pencipta lagu ini adalah seorang anak Tuhan, dan kisah di dalam lagu itu adalah milik teman sekolahnya.

Temannya itu diperkosa oleh ayahnya sendiri dan menjadi gila, sehingga harus dipasung (dirantai) dirumahnya. Ia suka datang dan mendoakan anak itu sambil sesekali menulis lirik lagu.

Waktu pun berlalu. Dia pun pindah kota dan mulai sibuk dengan kegiatannya sendiri.

Suatu ketika anak perempuan itu menelpon dia. Tentu saja dia kaget bukan main, karena anak itu kan gila - dipasung pula. Kok sekarang bisa lepas, telpon pula?

Akhirnya anak perempuan itu bercerita:
Suatu hari entah karena karat atau bagaimana rantainya lepas. Satu hal
yang langsung dia ingat, dia mau membunuh ayahnya! Tetapi saat dia bangun, ia melihat Tuhan Yesus dengan jubah putihnya, berkata : "Kamu harus maafin papa kamu."

Tetapi anak itu tidak bisa dan dia terus menangis, memukul, dan berteriak..

Sampai akhirnya Tuhan Yesus memeluk dia dan berkata : "AKU mengasihimu."

Walaupun bergumul akhirnya anak itupun memaafkan papanya. Mereka sekeluarga menangis dan bisa kembali hidup normal.

Dari situlah lagu "Sentuh hatiku" ditulis :

Sentuh Hatiku~~~

Betapa kumencintai
Segala yang 'tlah terjadi
Tak pernah sendiri jalani hidup ini
Selalu menyertai

Betapa kumenyadari
Di dalam hidupku ini
Kau slalu memberi rancangan terbaik
Oleh karena kasih

Bapa, sentuh hatiku, ubah hidupku
Menjadi yang baru
Bagai emas yang murni
Kau membentuk bejana hatiku
Bapa, ajarku mengerti sebuah kasih
Yang selalu memberi
Bagai air mengalir
Yang tiada pernah berhent